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Spanish Hearts

An Original Piece for Guitar Ensemble
Welcome to the blog!  There are always quite a few projects happening at the same time, so here you'll be able to find out whats going on and get free access to videos, tabs/notation, tutorials and music!
So, a few years ago, I wrote 'Spanish Hearts' for a student guitar ensemble.  It was premiered at Town Hall in Sydney, and was an amazing opportunity for the students playing it.  I now have the opportunity to have it played again, but this time in Spain!  As part of a Music Tour, another student guitar ensemble will be featuring this piece as part of a set of repertoire that will be played all around Spain.  I'm very excited to see it all happen in January 2016!
I thought I'd take things right back to the very start, so below is a video of the first draft I ever made of the song.  Following this post, I'll upload FREE tabs and notation for all the parts, accompanied with a professional recording of the piece from the studio.
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