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Pieces for Technique Improvement

Sor Study No 20 - Segovia Study No 9

This study aims at improving both hands. Think about the following while practicing or performing this piece:

Right Hand – Control and fluency with a balance between bass, harmony and melody. Extend your expression with shifts in tone colour and dynamics.

Left Hand – Consistent articulation and fluent phrases. This piece works on fantastic left hand shapes, especially that dominant descending sequence!

Learning Technique

Rhythmically, this piece is quite straightforward.

Improve your technique even more by changing to a dotted rhythm.

One of the best ways to learn and improve guitar technique is to play through studies. Each study focuses on a particular technique in both your right and left hand. It’s important to know what technique the study is focusing on so you can also focus on it while learning the piece.

Fernando Sor was one of the most prominent composers to both create masterful works for the guitar, as well as contributing to create artistic studies for his students.

This piece, Op 31 No 20, was revised and fingered by Segovia, and appears in his revised collection of studies as No 9.