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    My passion for music has led me to acquire specific skill sets that provide students with the opportunity to grow and achieve to their highest potential, businesses and bands with the access to create beautiful and polished music, and event organisers to match their brand with memorable sounds.


    I love what I do, browse the site and get connected to see what You can do.


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    "An incredibly dedicated and supportive teacher on top of a ridiculously talented musician. In the 5 years of playing guitar my improvement has skyrocketed just in the 2 years of knowing Mr Herft." - Koya Evans


    "Andrew generously helped me with a project of mine. He has a fantastic recording studio and is a great teacher." - Sid P


    "Andrew is without a doubt, the most understanding, encouraging and inspiring music mentor I've come across. Not only is he productive and highly skilful musically, but he has perfected his communication when teaching to create a harmonious and exciting atmosphere. My entire perspective of music has developed into a whole new world after my HSC years, and for that I am eternally grateful." - Ruby Draper


    "An extremely talented and patient person, super understanding and professional, 10/10 best experience! "- Andrew Back


    "Mr Herft is an incredible teacher, wonderful guitar player in all genres and has a great passion in what he does, as he greatly helped me through my HSC Music 2 and Extension Music - I would recommend." - Dylan F.


    BMusEd (Classical Guitar) - Sydney Conservatorium of Music




    Guitar Tuition from Beginner to Advanced Students


    Learn how to fluently play any style of music with a methodology focussed on technique.


    14 Years Teaching Experience

    High student AMEB achievement

    Every HSC guitar student has achieved Band 5/6


    Dedicated students have achieved Encore Nominations & successfully auditioned for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and AIM.


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    Lauro composed Natalia while touring with 'Trio Cantores del Trópico' in Ecaudor from 1938-1940. After publishing it, he named it after his daughter. 'Natalia' is by far the most famous of the four Venezuelan Waltzes, and one of my favourites to play.



    Live & Acoustic, 'Stay With Me' was a piece developed in 2012 with the help of another genius composer, Peter Aoun.


    We take great pride in providing a vibrant and relaxed environment, away from the corporate nature of a regular studio so the best quality can be achieved.

    Herft Studio's is a teaching & recording studio located in North Narrabeen.

    The studio is available as a professional resource for school students recording HSC compositions, and also for students recording their own performances throughout the year.

    Record your sound in a relaxed environment.​

    As a Music Producer, I can engineer, mix, perform, create or influence the sound of your work. Make pieces even more beautiful with unique arrangements by adding subtle backing vocals or including a full and rich orchestration.

    Have pieces arranged in any style, for any musician, to play easily.​

    All arranging is done on Sibelius, so printing off parts for musicians is simple and easy. Finally you can have accurate transcriptions of recorded music - clearly and quickly.


    Sarah recorded her full album 'Break or Bend' at the studio in 2015. A beautiful singer, check her website below.


    These talented bunch of boys came to the studio for a quick demo recording session. They've been winning competitions left right and centre, watch these guys climb the ladder!


    I've recorded with Emma since the beginning! We've recorded Ep's and demo's together with an original, world style - an energetic band now available for weddings.


    Access FREE Guitar tutorials, tabs/notation, and new music!


    New Album 'Golden Child' Out Soon

    Golden Child will be available for download on iTunes

    The Official Andrew Herft SoundCloud Page


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